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Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Candy Bars - $3.00 each
     Printed with custom label for no extra charge (examples: names, wedding date, pictures, clipart, etc.)

Chocolate Medallions
- $.40 each
     Gold foil: Dark Mint Chocolate or Milk Chocolate

Jordan Almonds
– $13.75 per pound
     Assorted Colors, Silver, or White: 120 pieces/ pound

Dutch Mints – $13.75 per pound
     Assorted Colors or White: 210 pieces/ pound

Petite Mints - $10.25 per pound
Assorted (yellow, green, & pink)

  Jelly Bellys – $10.50 per pound
     All Flavors & Colors: 400 pieces/pound

Round Foil Wrapped Truffles – $0.75 each or $24.00 per pound
     Dark Chocolate (foil color): Orange (orange), Raspberry (fuchsia), Chocolate (green or silver)
     Milk Chocolate (foil color): Amaretto (purple), Hazelnut (dark blue), Champagne(pink), Chocolate (red or yellow)
        24 pieces/pound

Mini Dessert Truffles - $0.75 each or $24.00 per pound
     Assorted Flavors & Colors: approx. 32 pieces/pound

Milk Chocolate Foiled Hearts - $15.75 per pound
     Gold, Silver, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Light Pink, Fuchsia, Red 
        62 pieces/pound

Chocolate Malt Balls – $11.25 per pound
     Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Peanut Butter, "Chocolate” color or 
     Assorted, light yellow, yellow, red, pink, orange, light green, dark green, blue, purple
approx. 64 pieces/pound

Michigan Mints – $20.00 per pound
Foil Colors: Teal, Purple, Silver, Pink, Green, & Red
approx. 64 pieces/pound

Gold or Silver box with:
     2 pieces Assorted Chocolate  $3.00 per box
     4 pieces Assorted Chocolate  $4.25 per box
     4 Small Dessert Truffle   $4.25 per box
     1 Large Dessert Truffle   $2.50 per box
     1 Small Dessert Truffle   $1.50 per box

*Assorted Chocolate varieties: Assorted Creams, Crown Truffles (French Mint, Grand Marnier, Black Forest,
Raspberry, Espresso, Chocolate, Caramel), Cherry Cordials, Mint Meltaways

*Dessert Truffle varieties (all come in white, milk, and dark chocolate):
Amaretto, Raspberry, Champagne, Orange, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Coffee,
Rum, Black Forest (Cherry), Mint, Irish Crème, Butter Pecan, Toasted Coconut, Tiramisu, Caramel, Cappuccino

Caramel ApplesSeasonal: Only from August to November
Prices Range from $4.50 to $7.50 each

Chocolate Covered StrawberriesSeasonal: Only from February to March
$3.00 each or $30.00 per dozen


if you can think it up... we can most likely make it for you!