The Heilman Story

The Heilman story begins in the area of Kalamazoo. The business was born and raised for the people of Kalamazoo. The same community has opened their hearts with support, making the business continue.

When Mr. Al Heilman started the Heilman's Nuts & Confections business in 1988, the customer response was overwhelming. After attempting to open the business at several different locations he finally settled at 1804 South Wesntedge with the assurance that the business would take off. The vacant spot was once the home of a two-bay Sinclair gas station. After months of reconstruction, the Heilman's Nuts & Confections opened in mid-October of 1991. This new building allowed for 100 lbs. of nuts to be roasted at one time. It also contained marble slabs for batches of brittle, caramel corn, and caramel apples to be processed on. Heilman's is also of the luscious truffles, creams, and specialty chocolates.

In the Fall of 2006, Dan and Rose Herder took over the beloved Heilman's Nuts & Confections. Both the local and worldwide community can rest assured that Mr. Al Heilman left the business in good hands. The Herder's are going to continue the business as it was left to them. This means no name changes, no product changes,
and definitely no recipe changes.

The tradition that began almost a century ago will continue in the future unchanged, and remain a Kalamazoo favorite. Heilman's Nuts & Confections has been a tradition, both locally and abroad. Heilman's continues to ship products worldwide, with the goal of mouth-watering gourmet nuts and confections with guaranteed freshness.

At Heilman's we carry many different kinds of nuts. In cooking our nuts we only
use the finest nutmeats. Each batch of our nuts is freshly roasted in cholesterol-free corn oil, and is lightly salted according to our secret recipes. Whether we are cooking, roasting, or packaging, each product that is served at Heilman's is cared for during preparation and presented with perfection. The Heilman business began as a family business, not just among the owners and their children, but also extended to the devoted employees and friends, and will continue that way.

Because after all, you, as our cherished customers, are family too.